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USENETRocket Performance Stats

Groups  Completion  Retention
 Multi-part Binaries
  370+ Days
 Single-part Binaries
  370+ Days
30 High Speed Connections!

Your #1 source for digital music,
movies, pictures, software, and more!

Dear UsenetRocket Members,


After nearly 16 years providing access to Usenet information we are closing our doors. That's a very difficult thing to write, but this decision comes after many months of hard thought. It's hard to find the right words to express the true feelings I have for UsenetRocket and our members.  This has always been more than just a business for me. Of all my online and business endeavors, UsenetRocket has always been at the center. You never forget your first, right? I still remember the excitement of watching new members join UsenetRocket in the very beginning and the many learning opportunities along the way. For the longest time I knew new members by name and even today I still jump in and answer support requests when possible. It has been an incredible journey serving you and providing the best Usenet experience we could.


Our last day of operation will be August 28th, 2018. After this date, all remaining Active accounts will be terminated. To make this process easier for everyone, we will automatically set all Active accounts to Cancelled. This way, Active accounts are NOT automatically renewed over the next few weeks as we prepare to close up shop. To make sure someone does not mistakenly reactive an account prior to August 28th, we are shutting down access to the secure Member Area portal. Please route your account questions and changes directly to our support team.


Thanks again for the opportunity to serve you!

UsenetRocket newsgroups is the fastest, most reliable USENET service available. Our news servers offer the fastest download speeds and highest quality newsgroup retention & completion rates possible. Keep reading to understand the UsenetRocket.com benefits and Know the Difference!

  • MEGA USENET Traffic
    UsenetRocket is now processing well over 1 TeraByte, 1000 GigaBytes, of data through our incoming news feeds every day!
    What does this mean for you? More MP3s, movies, games, images, software, & discussion groups. Always fast. Always complete.
  • Longer Retention
    UsenetRocket's news servers offer 370+ days of retention in all binary newsgroups, which include the alt.binaries, MP3, multimedia, pictures, and software newsgroups.
  • Completion
    UsenetRocket offers an impressive 99% news server completion rate in all binary newsgroups such as the alt.binaries newsgroups. Multiple incoming news feeds ensure accurate and complete binary postings.
  • Faster Downloads
    UsenetRocket does NOT limit download speeds. Multiple gigE internet connections provide connection redundancy and ensure all USENET articles requested are delivered as fast as your internet connection allows.
  • Reliability
    UsenetRocket sets the standard in USENET, NNTP, and newsgroup services. Our advanced server and network design is fully redundant and capable of running even in the event of a node failure.

Rocket Quick Facts
  • Excellent completion
  • Longer rentention
  • Free header downloads
  • 100% Uncensored
  • No speed limits
  • No download logs
  • Anonymous & FREE uploads
  • and more!

USENETRocket Advantage

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